Universal Fiber Optics of New Mexico

UFO New Mexico has been creating top grade fiber optics for around three decades and has earned the reputation of being the best manufacturer in the industry. It is the company that can guarantee you the best products that you can see in the market. With all the recognition received, it is our pleasure to continue living up to the expectation entrusted to us. We are proud of all the accomplishments we received in our long years of service. We are the most reliable source of fiber optics. What we produce are all world class, and as proof of that, we supply the different fiber optics systems we have in various countries around the world. The trust that people have given us did not go unnoticed. We have never been complacent despite the fact that we are already recognized as the best in the industry.

UFO New Mexico has highly skilled engineers and technicians who keep on improving the current systems we have so we can provide more interesting and useful things to the public. We are the top choice of different companies in the world due to the professionalism we have and our capability to deliver the goods promptly.

Only UFO New Mexico can provide you products that are under the longest warranty available. It is how confident we are with what we release in the market. Aside from that, our biggest edge over the competition is the fact that what we innovate are world class products at a very affordable price. Feel free to make prices comparison because it will always be UFO New Mexico that will emerge on top. We provide top of the line fiber optics for all industries including; high-speed networking, home automation, lighting, and the majority of the home alarms found here.